Puppy Feeding- the sweetest thing ever

Depending on the age of your puppy, there are different schedules to be studied. While Rover was a pup it was really sweet to spend time feeding him. Only if you provide proper feeding and if you response well to your pup’s needs only then your puppy will grow real fast.

Bottle feeding

You can take up a syringe instead of a bottle in the case of a new born puppy. If your puppy is having wider mouth then you must get the suitable kind of bottle with rubber or silicon nipple. There are commercial puppy milk available in the market or you can even make your own formula consulting your vet. But whatever you are feeding must be really fresh. First heat the formula to 100 degrees Fahrenheit so that the milk drips out of syringe or nipple.

You must be really patient enough to feed a new born pup so take a comfortable seat before spending hours behind it. Take the puppy in your lap so that he feels he is in a cradle, wrap in soft towel and set the nipple in its mouth. Newborn puppies generally need about 1 cc of formula per ounce of body weight at every three hours interval. First he will learn to swallow droplets from the syringe and then suck nipples. You must keep a watch that the liquid is not choking him. After the feeding process now take a cotton ball, rub it on to the puppy’s back and encourage him to urinate and defecate. Never forget to provide some quiet time to the puppy just after it has had its food. Do not play about with him as it may cause tummy upset.

Introduce to solid food

After 3 to 4 weeks have passed it is time to introduce to solid food and water along with it using a little spoon. If he is not willing to eat do not pressurize as you can’t expect that your puppy will eat all the food well just like an adult. All you need to do is pamper more while eating.

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