Winter paw care-Some tips

Winter is not only tough time for us but also for our pets, and specially your dog’s paw. Paw is meant for walking so it is very much prone to injuries so some basic dog paw care tips must be followed and paw-prevention products must be used.

The salt which is used to melt ice on roads, driveways and sidewalks are harmful for the paws as it may cause chemical burns. So, avoid walking through such places. And beware of indigestion from deicing salts as I saw my Rover suffer from indigestion licking its paws soon after taking walk. So, as soon as your dog enters the house soak its paws in warm water and wipe it with a cloth.

Even ice balls that accumulate between pads and toes and the hairs of the foot makes foot nasty so try to avoid it by trimming the inter-pad hair short. Throughout you must keep the paw hairs trimmed in order to maintain clean paws and good health. There are also chances that your dog will get a frost bite and hypothermia so dogs must not spend hours in cold weather. During the winter plan to take your dog for a brisk walk instead of long walks.

The dry winter air is really bad as it dries out the paws which cause difficulty in walking, in this case it is very useful if you apply a product called bag-balm and apply thin layer in the paws which will prevent the paws from cracking and bleeding and you can also keep a humidifier in your house which will even prevent itching. Dog boots are the best and provides ultimate protection keeping the skin protected and warm.

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